The mission of the Seattle Teacher Residency is to accelerate student achievement through the preparation, support, and retention of exceptional teachers who reflect the rich diversity in Seattle Public Schools.

Why Teachers Matter

Schools can and must be an important means to change and dismantle social inequities and improve educational outcomes for students. While Seattle educators have long been committed to this work, the persistence of inequity requires us to act with increased urgency and collaboration with the community. The Seattle Teacher Residency deepens this commitment by recruiting, preparing, supporting and protecting teachers equipped to make sure that each student excels and feels connected to the school community, regardless of circumstance.

Our Core Values

Every student deserves a teacher who:

  • Knows and cares deeply about their students
  • Positions students as sense-makers and believes in the capacity of all students to exceed at the highest level.
  • Draws upon the assets of the communities in which their students live.
  • Has deep subject matter knowledge.
  • Thrives on opportunities to learn and collaborate with their colleagues, community and profession.
  • Demonstrates leadership and perseveres through challenging circumstances in the classroom and beyond.
  • Provides multiple opportunities for students to be their authentic and joyous selves!

Introducing 2023-2024 Cohort 11 Residents!

Hear From STR Graduates and Alumni

Jade King, Mercer International Middle School
Cohort 6, Special Education

I believe building meaningful relationships with my students and making the classroom a community is the biggest way to foster equity and inclusion. Also, I want to make sure the instruction I give challenges students in the right ways. For me, high-quality instruction and strong relationships are the two most important ways to begin to fight back against the disadvantages students with disabilities face.

Brandon Lee, Broadview-Thomson K-8
Cohort 7

I really love the concept of positioning students as competent sense makers. In this model the knowledge and understanding can come from the students. We can guide students to notice what they need to notice, guiding the students to learn things through classroom discussions and activities instead of just telling them what they should know.

Jasmine Nguon, Highland Park Elementary
Cohort 5

My number one thing is building relationships with students and their families. Building relationships with students is so important because before they can start learning they need to feel comfortable being and talking with you; they need to feel respected.

Bashi Adan, Mercer International Middle School
Cohort 6, Special Education

I strive to teach with every student in mind. I am aware of biases from my own lived experiences in curriculum. We have STR core principles and I plan to use these in the classroom. I want to bring home experiences to the classroom – making sure students are using all their knowledge outside of class (incorporating their experiences into what they are learning), bringing their environment and community to class.

Our STR Team

Mary Beth Canty (she/her)
Senior Manager of Curriculum and Induction and Instructional Coach


Crystal Visperas (she/her)
Manager of Recruitment and Community Partnerships and Instructional Coach


Marisa Bier (she/her)
Director of Seattle Teacher Residency


Our Partners


The Alliance for Education is an independent, local education fund that works in partnership with Seattle Public Schools since 1995 to address big challenges facing Seattle students and schools. The Alliance develops, invests, and partners in programs that advance educational justice and increase racial equity for students in Seattle Public Schools. The Seattle Teacher Residency is a program of the Alliance, alongside other work designed to challenge systemic inequities in public schools and create a more equitable and just education system that allows all Seattle students to thrive.


The University of Washington College of Education strives to transform inequitable systems of education to create just, sustainable and culturally-thriving democracies by engaging in dynamic, collaborative partnerships, practices and research.


Seattle Public Schools, the largest K-12 school system in Washington state, has a deep commitment to every student’s journey—to ensure that each student will graduate ready for college, career and life. SPS believes it is essential to place the interests of students above all others in every decision made. The core work of Seattle Public Schools is supporting student learning. We believe it is our responsibility to do whatever it takes to ensure that every child, regardless of race, gender, socioeconomic status, language proficiency, learning style or disability, achieves to their highest level.


The Seattle Education Association represents the nearly 5,000 educators who work in Seattle Public Schools. Comprised of both certificated and classified employees, it is the largest local within the Washington Education Association family. The Seattle Education Association is the voice of Seattle’s public school educators, uniting members as powerful activists for professionalism, equity and integrity in public education.